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Domesticity & Art

If I had my way, I would sit and draw, or go out and shoot photographs, in preference to housework any day.  So you’ll find that I will go through stages of being a ‘Monica’ (house exceptionally clean) to wandering around with a ink pen in hand, ignoring the fact that I need to hoover.  Or eat.  Or do the laundry.

I have been blessed to have my very best friend in the world, over from Australia for the last 4 weeks.  We have spent some lovely times together with her family, as well as quality time, just her and me.  Now she is winging her way home, I’m feeling a bit bereft, but I am so inspired too.  A million and one idea’s, are running over themselves in my head, so my pull towards art is stronger, more compelling than ever.  You find that when you are in the company of someone who knows you so well (we have been friends since we were at school), that it restores a confidence and belief that propels you into action.

So, with this motivation its all systems go creatively.  I hope you enjoy the posts to come, with art and photography, possibly some musings, ramblings or writing too.  I am going to get all domestic goddess at some point soon, but at least for now, the mundane chores of life, are going to have to take a lower priority.

Have a great weekend!

Netherworld. Painting with encaustic wax. ©Caz Norton 2012
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Brenda in Paris 1962.2
Brenda in Paris 1962. Taken from the family album. Originally snapped on a girls weekend away, when she was 22. This is my beautiful Mum.

So my friends.  This post is dedicated her.   She would probably be very embarrassed to know that I have posted a photo of her for the world to see. I would without doubt, get told off, even at my age.  The truth is that without her I would not be doing this at all.

There are so many pearls of wisdom that she shared with us as a family. Like tea really can solve everything, along with as many swear words as is possible to string together, if it seems that everything is going wrong.  I cannot remember a time when she wouldn’t have a creative project on the go, especially knitting.  So I learnt early on that creativity was something worth nurturing.   She would tell me to trust my gut instincts.  To go with them, even if it seemed impossible odds are stacked up against me.  Always to be true to yourself and how you feel.  That dedication with a bit of  patience gets great things accomplished.  And life.  Well it does, like a ball of wool,  become unraveled sometimes through no fault of our own.  It’s then, that’s it’s alright to start over again.

I grew up with her love of books, films and soul music, which is why this last photo in my blog today, has this title.

‘ A Rose is Still a Rose’  was a song sung by the legendary Aretha Franklin.  Mum said it always reminded her of me.  It’s lyrics today, still ring true.

She was the wisest, funniest, most independent woman. Who had ‘sod it days’ on a regular basis. We find ourselves using the words ‘doofer’, ‘whatsit’ or ‘dooberry’ when the correct words slip our minds, just like she used to. My daughters and I have our ‘sod it days’ in her honor.  As we drink our way through too many cups of tea, putting the world to rights, we think of you with a smile. Brenda Stanley.

The fresh and the fallen

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Darker Circles, Inner Smiles.


Darker Circles, Inner Smiles.


Where are you now,

Do you lie beneath the circles in these tired eyes

Do you see me staring at you wondering if I tried,

To find you.

Inside I smile,

At all the times we laughed and cried,

Took turns in righting all the wrongs,

Our circumstance would muster,

And if I whisper,

Will you just say something,

You always used to say,

In your witty, loving way, to me.

Darker, lighter, we are all the same,

Caught up in politics for heavens sakes,

Some of us can’t think, let alone even pray,

That we will meet each others minds and souls.

You can beat the crap out of power and goals.

But their importance will never define you

No, No thankfully you left that far behind you.

In deeper darker circles,

So you could give only inner smiles.

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Some barriers are harder to break down than others. Some blocks can’t even be moved, however much we push against them. They are solid, laid in foundations that are too deep. But there are ways in which we cause ourselves such sapping of energy because we won’t allow ourselves to be defeatist.

What is hard for us to comprehend at the time needs just that. Even if it means hours or days. Weeks or months. Time gives a wearing to all things. Elements do that to rock just as it does to brick. And we. Well we can train to become stronger if we choose. Can we not? Or we can not let it mean as much to us by filling our lives with adventure, discovery and imagination.

We must never allow barriers to hold us or invent our own ones to hide behind. And if you see someone banging their head against one. Reach out your hand and pull them away. Caz 2013

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Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
We are facing a dilemma us Brits. Clocks go forward this weekend and are we above freezing (only just)? Many of us would like to wear short sleeves, so we can turn brown instead of blue. We want to buy Sandals, Sunnies and get our legs out! So what ever is stopping you from delivering Spring….Sort it out. Thanks Muchly x