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Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
We are facing a dilemma us Brits. Clocks go forward this weekend and are we above freezing (only just)? Many of us would like to wear short sleeves, so we can turn brown instead of blue. We want to buy Sandals, Sunnies and get our legs out! So what ever is stopping you from delivering Spring….Sort it out. Thanks Muchly x

an artful blog

Bring on Spring Please…

The Stigma that Summer

It’s too damn cold for my liking.  So in honor of warmer times, I have added my photo, of a Summer’s past.

At Caz – Art Prints it’s been a fruitful week.  We are now officially  which is a bold step forward.  However I was not brave enough to venture out and play snow angels or build a snowman of epic proportions.  Ah, no.  I prefer to stay snug.

I have been working away up in the ‘Hokey Pokey’ room, which contains my arty work space.  My first drawing of the new year is nearly finished.   I have had a ‘love’, ‘hate’ relationship with it, but have persevered,  despite my feelings.   To have an unfinished piece of work that I have taken a dislike to, is frustrating and will often lead to me picking up the idea again for another attempt at a later date.   Some things you should just,  not, give up on.

I have a little list going on which I’m working through.  I used to make huge ‘to do’ lists that never got completed.  Now thanks to my daughter who read an article in ‘Glamour’ magazine, my list contains only 5 items and I have to say that scaling things down to realistic goals or tasks, has given me the first list that I did actually complete, last week.  Surprisingly, it felt really good!

What ever your up to in the week ahead, I hope it’s a good one.  I’ll be trying to start to tackle the complexities of social networking a bit more over the next few days, as well as finishing (hopefully) this latest picture.

I will certainly be wishing for warmer weather….