Mourning Moon by cazartco
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from small things..

I’m hoping for inspiration..

This week has been a big push. Finally my online art store is open. I’ve pretty much been correcting bits and bobs all week. I’ve also been trying to navigate some kind of plan of what’s to come. I’ve needed some art time too, but even that’s been difficult to squeeze in.

I’m looking back over social media to see which of my artworks have been liked or featured the most. This will determine which art to add on my store to sell. I’ve learnt through social media that sometimes something that you think isn’t good enough to share, is in fact someone’s favourite. It’s a process that I think might take some time, but it’s always good to go back over what you’ve done before. It rekindles an interest in a process or media that you haven’t used in a while.

During this I came across this illustration from 2014. It’s still one of my personal favourites.

As if by Magic by cazartco
As if by Magic

I’m now starting to doodle… back with an ink pen in my hand, whilst I’m thinking, from small things, Big things Grow.

Here is some new photography from this week. This was taken in my back garden with my Nikon, just as the full moon was rising.

Mourning Moon by cazartco
Mourning Moon

I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for all your likes on my last post, it’s really awesome


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Store Opening & My Art

Hi everyone.

It’s been a long time since I wrote but now, such a lot is changing in my little art world, that it will be good to share what’s happening with you. I hope you’ll be inspired and enjoy what’s to come.

I’ve been enjoying every minute of my creative time. For me Art is my escape, a kind of therapy when I let myself become immersed in what I’m doing. Everything else around me, even time disappears. Over the last couple of weeks here’s the art that I’ve been finishing!

Nurture by cazartco

Colder by cazartco

Im pleased to announce that my online store is now open too! My first collection consists of 5 artworks, which have got the most features and likes across social media. I’ll be adding original works as well as new additions to my store when I can, not only from the new art I’m creating but the most liked by you, from the last few years.

Cazartco’s first art collection

Please go and have a look at my store! I’d really appreciate any feedback you have. I’m nervous and excited to be finally realising this long time ambition of mine to be able to sell my art. I really hope you love it.

Along side regular updates in a regular blog from now on, I’d also like to share some of my methods and processes with you and some background stories of the art I create.

Thank you all for your friendship and support. Remember to drop into see my latest projects and if you are on Instagram or Facebook come say hello @cazartco.

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Darker Circles, Inner Smiles.


Darker Circles, Inner Smiles.


Where are you now,

Do you lie beneath the circles in these tired eyes

Do you see me staring at you wondering if I tried,

To find you.

Inside I smile,

At all the times we laughed and cried,

Took turns in righting all the wrongs,

Our circumstance would muster,

And if I whisper,

Will you just say something,

You always used to say,

In your witty, loving way, to me.

Darker, lighter, we are all the same,

Caught up in politics for heavens sakes,

Some of us can’t think, let alone even pray,

That we will meet each others minds and souls.

You can beat the crap out of power and goals.

But their importance will never define you

No, No thankfully you left that far behind you.

In deeper darker circles,

So you could give only inner smiles.

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Be Leaf

© caz norton 2013
© caz norton 2013

Here is the second  piece of art from me this year.  Be Leaf.

This was a bit of a challenge.  Normally I will work to some kind of structure, outline or draft of what I am about to do.  Then add or subtract lines or shapes I like to keep as the work evolves. So it was a weird feeling starting a picture with none of those boundaries so to speak and to work completely freehand.  The background is pastel, followed by black ink, then pencil.  For any artist working over pastel in ink, even with a good spray of fixative it drains the life out of your ink pens, fast.  Pastel is so much fun though.  I ended up with Conte pastel in my hair (green is So not a good look), over my face in fetching blotches and of course smeared down my  jeans.  But I think you’ll agree the effect was worth it.  With all the ink in my pictures I use either a 0.2, 0.3 or 0.5mm pen nib.  Often I will add either ink in Indian or painted form, as in this work, to make the black much bolder.   Although it is an all absorbing task, it has been liberating and this is a first.

You are also viewing this without a watermark, which is as a conclusion of finally sorting out the copyrighting for my work.  Rather complex I might add, thank goodness for working for a Trade Mark Attorney previously, otherwise I would have not understood some of the lingo or process involved.  My website is the only place you’ll be able to view new and old work in it’s original format for full impact.  Social media accounts for Caz – Art remain stamped so to speak.

I have started a new drawing already, been writing some poetry and sorted out the massive washing pile, which waits for no man, before it starts making it’s way down the stairs begging for the washing machine.  But have also had my nose stuck in e-commerce stuff too.  I am trying to make it easier for people to buy prints of my work so have been researching an online shop.  I think I am nearly there in putting this into motion, so watch this space.

Thank you to everyone who’s been reading and viewing my Art.  I have also discovered some awesome bloggers that I am now following too.  You got to love WordPress!.

Take care out there, catch you soon!

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Hey everyone.   And this is my first drawing of 2013 and the start of this years Art!!.  This is a homage to an ‘old skool’ style of working for me, one which started about 17 years ago.  It seemed fitting to retrace some old steps in my art as little has survived from those times. I basically walked away from a life in 1997 that had been very difficult with little more than 2 boxes and a couple of bin bags of possessions, so left older artwork, probably to be burnt to cinders.  The important thing is that I could start again, with 2 beautiful daughters, an amazing best friend and a clapped out Citroen 2CV called Clueless.  I began living.

This is the piece of work that I went through a love, hate relationship with, probably because at first it reminded me of that other existence.   The person I once was and who I am now.  It contains, if you look closely, some hidden little messages.

Hope your all keeping snug, it’s damn freezing here in Cambridge.  So I’m layered up to the nines against a howling wind!  Take care peeps.