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Bring on Spring Please…

The Stigma that Summer

It’s too damn cold for my liking.  So in honor of warmer times, I have added my photo, of a Summer’s past.

At Caz – Art Prints it’s been a fruitful week.  We are now officially  which is a bold step forward.  However I was not brave enough to venture out and play snow angels or build a snowman of epic proportions.  Ah, no.  I prefer to stay snug.

I have been working away up in the ‘Hokey Pokey’ room, which contains my arty work space.  My first drawing of the new year is nearly finished.   I have had a ‘love’, ‘hate’ relationship with it, but have persevered,  despite my feelings.   To have an unfinished piece of work that I have taken a dislike to, is frustrating and will often lead to me picking up the idea again for another attempt at a later date.   Some things you should just,  not, give up on.

I have a little list going on which I’m working through.  I used to make huge ‘to do’ lists that never got completed.  Now thanks to my daughter who read an article in ‘Glamour’ magazine, my list contains only 5 items and I have to say that scaling things down to realistic goals or tasks, has given me the first list that I did actually complete, last week.  Surprisingly, it felt really good!

What ever your up to in the week ahead, I hope it’s a good one.  I’ll be trying to start to tackle the complexities of social networking a bit more over the next few days, as well as finishing (hopefully) this latest picture.

I will certainly be wishing for warmer weather….