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This is a new work in ink and pencil on paper. Getting back to drawing in ink is incredibly rewarding, I missed this so much. This work is inspired by family holidays in Cornwall when my two daughters were younger. Happy times.

Cornwellian an ink and pencil artwork by cazartco

It’s been a bit of stressful time all round, hence my lack of posts and progress. Not to put a too finer point on it but life can really suck sometimes. I’m trying to remain focussed on what’s important. I know when times like these happen it’s usually because change is around the corner. Good or not. I wish I had to the foresight to know.

Happiness is a precious and sometimes fleeting thing. Many say it comes from within you, but I also think that no man or women is an island. We are constantly a reflection of the people in our sphere of influence. We take in their energy too. I hope whatever is happening in your world gives you positive and happy energy. That the people that support you, really wish for your wellbeing and success. We all need that.

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