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So September’s Here….


At last I have a moment to catch up with a blog.  August has been an exceptionally creative month, especially with regards to Photography.  As you’ll notice, I have re-worked my website.  It finally feels right now, how I have imagined it to look from the start.  So there’s new photo’s that you haven’t seen and new artwork too, all of which has been thoroughly enjoyable to do.


There is a couple of images that I do feel have worked out well.  I’m getting to grips with photo -editing, which at first, even for a self professed Geek, seemed daunting.  It’s given me the inspiration to get out during the Autumn with my camera, as well as sitting at my drawing board, so I hope to be posting a few more pictures up as I learn more and experiment.


On the Art front, I am nearly caught up with all back and recent projects.  I’m working on something new at the moment, which may just turn out to be a huge doodle!

So here are a couple of my newest photographs.  I hope you like them.

Walk with Me
Walk with Me


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