Indie Lily

Indie Lily. Photograph, with an indie twist
Indie Lily. Photograph, with an indie twist.

This week has been amazing.  I have pretty much completely immersed myself into drawing and editing photographs  Plus, I have also had a fantastic response to my visual posts,  across the social media sites that I use. Facebook and Instagram in particular are becoming close favorites, besides my website.  When I started out blogging last November, I was skeptical as to whether anyone would like my  work or be interested in anything I would write about.  I lacked confidence because I had never asked a wider audience, outside of people close to me, for their opinions.

Over the last 8 months I have grown in enthusiasm with each passing ‘like’ or comment. I’ve learnt so much.  What seems to be a fundamental rule is that it takes patience, interaction with others and lots of time, to give yourself an on line presence; no matter what creative field you are in.  You could also spend vast sums of cash too, however there is a satisfaction that comes without the need of a hefty price tag.  If you are willing to use your own skills, you can achieve more than you thought possible.

I am still on an adventure with my art.  It comes with it’s rewards, it’s challenges.  I may not have fully grasped hashtagging, or Twitter, but I am giving it a whirl anyway.

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Freelance Artist, Photographer & Designer. Self confessed geek. Blogger, as I love writing especially late at night, once I have finished a drawing. Creative every single day. Art makes me happy!

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