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Darker Circles, Inner Smiles.


Darker Circles, Inner Smiles.


Where are you now,

Do you lie beneath the circles in these tired eyes

Do you see me staring at you wondering if I tried,

To find you.

Inside I smile,

At all the times we laughed and cried,

Took turns in righting all the wrongs,

Our circumstance would muster,

And if I whisper,

Will you just say something,

You always used to say,

In your witty, loving way, to me.

Darker, lighter, we are all the same,

Caught up in politics for heavens sakes,

Some of us can’t think, let alone even pray,

That we will meet each others minds and souls.

You can beat the crap out of power and goals.

But their importance will never define you

No, No thankfully you left that far behind you.

In deeper darker circles,

So you could give only inner smiles.