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Some barriers are harder to break down than others. Some blocks can’t even be moved, however much we push against them. They are solid, laid in foundations that are too deep. But there are ways in which we cause ourselves such sapping of energy because we won’t allow ourselves to be defeatist.

What is hard for us to comprehend at the time needs just that. Even if it means hours or days. Weeks or months. Time gives a wearing to all things. Elements do that to rock just as it does to brick. And we. Well we can train to become stronger if we choose. Can we not? Or we can not let it mean as much to us by filling our lives with adventure, discovery and imagination.

We must never allow barriers to hold us or invent our own ones to hide behind. And if you see someone banging their head against one. Reach out your hand and pull them away. Caz 2013