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Hey everyone.   And this is my first drawing of 2013 and the start of this years Art!!.  This is a homage to an ‘old skool’ style of working for me, one which started about 17 years ago.  It seemed fitting to retrace some old steps in my art as little has survived from those times. I basically walked away from a life in 1997 that had been very difficult with little more than 2 boxes and a couple of bin bags of possessions, so left older artwork, probably to be burnt to cinders.  The important thing is that I could start again, with 2 beautiful daughters, an amazing best friend and a clapped out Citroen 2CV called Clueless.  I began living.

This is the piece of work that I went through a love, hate relationship with, probably because at first it reminded me of that other existence.   The person I once was and who I am now.  It contains, if you look closely, some hidden little messages.

Hope your all keeping snug, it’s damn freezing here in Cambridge.  So I’m layered up to the nines against a howling wind!  Take care peeps.






2 thoughts on “Tribal”

  1. I can relate to art being a reminder of times past. I think its beautiful that you have picked up your old style and added and transformed it into something new. Coincidentally, I have just had a similar experience! 😀 Beautiful work, very inspiring.

    1. Thank you Rachel. Sometimes the material stuff is not worth hanging on to if it’s part of a unhappy or unhealthy situation. It was liberating to revive a style I thought I had given up on too! 🙂

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