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Little Prayers for Simple Things.

I have a tendency now to only pray for little things. I mean the God’s and Goddesses are probably inundated with larger requests from those more in need than I.

I have been experimenting for a better understanding of how this crazy universe works. And in doing so have arrived at a small but positive philosophy. First, if you don’t ask then you don’t even stand a hope in hell of getting what you would like in life. Second, aim for realistic expectations. Third, dream big, huge and fanciful. I have read many a self-help book and for a time fully adopted ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. It did help, some of it stuck in my head, even got me through tougher times. But I don’t want to be greedy, that’s just not an admirable quality in anyone. I’m also acutely aware that however badly off you think you are, there are many who endure far more hardship.

So now I pray to a pacific God or Goddess. Yep, a little prayer to the Parking or Traffic God, when I am in need of a parking space or pushed for time, actually seems to be working nicely. Yesterday for instance, we (Hubby and I) had to drive across town during school chucking out time. Our mission was to make our appointment and to get a slot in a very limited parking space. So both God’s received a humble request. Not only did we get clear roads but a nicely timed departure of another car to allow us to get where we needed to be pretty effortlessly. This was not the first time either. So successful has previous prayers been, that Hubby also now uses this pearl of wisdom too.

If we are talking about parking on a much larger scale, like me going off to the multi-storey in town, I tend to also ask for easily accessible, decisive parking. Because there is so much choice! I don’t know about you, but I go into meltdown if there is a concrete pillar or someone who has parked so wonkily that I have to perform acts of contortion, just to get out of my car. Maybe the act of praying actually puts me in a more decisive frame of mind. However I like to think that in a small way the universe is helping me out, ‘cos it is pleased that I don’t overburden my requests with massive life changing events. I’m always mindful of thanking them and letting them know that they are awesome.

I have tentatively expanded on this. Good Hair Day Goddess is a new deity (although I am in serious need of a hair cut, so there is only so much that even a Goddess can do). I have also called upon the services of the God of Unburned Dinners and lastly the Vacuum Cleaner Goddess got a request earlier today. I won’t tell you the outcome, as I haven’t hoovered yet, so don’t want to jinx it.

So have you done the same thing? Would you try it out and post your results maybe? Go on I would be intrigued to know if it worked for you too. © Caz Norton 2013

Hands of Fate
Hands of Fate

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