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2013 – Here we go!




I have been absent from blogging for the last week, with my head stuck in mundane stuff.  Not only is my typing speed pretty much back up to scratch, so are my ideas for what I would like to accomplish for this year.  It’s been a week of finding out that I don’t really know as much about this eCommerce / social networking as I thought I might, so further swotting up is inevitable. But I have dug out from a rather dusty dark portfolio some of my older work which will be shared with you.  Having your feedback is crucial, I’ve hidden this stuff away for such a long time, I really don’t know what people outside of close friends and family really think about it.  So please give me your opinion.

I have been asked what my influences are for my work.  Well, that’s a bit of a tough one to answer in short.  There is so much that fires my imagination, I’m a bit of a bookworm as far as science fiction is concerned. My favorite author’s are Jim Butcher, Alex Scarrow and Kim Harrison to name just three.  I find that I do express emotions about where I am in my life whilst I am drawing, often hidden words or feelings expressed in colour or shading end up on the paper.  Most of the time I do get a spark of something, then just get lost in it.  The picture may evolve by itself almost.  It’s like listening to a song and instantly connecting it to what is happening to you, right at that moment.  That whoever sings realizes you’re at that very same place yourself.  Music for me is a perfect backdrop to a new piece of work.  Oh and a mug of tea. 

So as we are now getting on with this year, I hope you like the new additions that are to come.          

ImageI will be sharing some of my writing too, or should I say rambling on a regular basis.  

And… what ever your up to this week….be happy!