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My portfolio and blog is a culmination of 8 years of art and photography.  Art has always been my solace, a place to express my feelings and give me a sense of calm and balance.

With a passion for music & interior design,  I create my art to music. I’m on a mission to give your home that creative flare to compliment your interior decor. It’s easy to show your walls some lOvE with our Limited Editions in Framed prints, Acrylic Glass, Canvas prints or Art Posters. Original works are soon to be available via my online STORE where you can shop art to your hearts content.

I live in Langley Mill in Derbyshire, UK, where I am constantly inspired by its beautiful countryside.

You can contact me at cazartco@gmail.com or on 07511 827843 for sales enquires, and commissions.

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    1. Thank you very much. I’m feeling a bit blessed to have awesome people reading my blog. Hope you will continue to enjoy my art and ramblings!

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